Wise-Pay makes it easy to accept online payments in a flexible and cost-effective way. This activation guide will quickly help you get started with Wise-Pay. The key configuration steps below will help you get started with Wise-Pay.

1. Wise-Pay Setup

Signing Up and Select a Payment Provider 
Create a Wise-Pay Clearing Account

2. Merchant Configuration

Obtain Merchant API Keys
Configure your Merchant Settings
Configure your Company's Branding
Configure Terms & Disclaimers

3. Payment Services

Configure Proxy Links for Third-Party Applications
Configure PayNow Links to Get Payment
Configure Email Link for PSA Invoices

4. Payer Admin

Creating & Managing Wise-Payers
Wise-Payer Registration

5.  Scheduling Auto-Payments

Configure Automatic Payments
Set up Billing Terms
Configure Automatic Payment Terms for Payers
Payers Communication