Invoice payments are dynamic in nature, meaning the data in Wise-Pay needs to constantly be updated, in order to give you the most up to date information. While Wise-Pay is constantly updating data often as possible, sometimes, it may not be up to date when you need it to be.

If you need to refresh the data in Wise-Pay, follow each option in the order listed below.

Option 1 - Refresh your browser's cache

More often than not, we keep browser tabs open for a long period of time without doing anything with them. With any online application, if you don't think the information you're seeing on screen is up to date, force a browser refresh. Reload the page using the navigation bar at the top of your browser, or hit F5 or Ctrl F5 on your keyboard.

Option 2 - Refresh the Dashboard Widget

In each widget, force a refresh by clicking the(Refresh) button. This refreshes the cache, loaded from the application's database.

Option 3 - Refresh your Wise-Pay cache (Refresh from the Database - Ensure cache data is current)

Option 4 - Download the latest data from your Accounting Package

In the Outstanding Payments widget, click to download the latest data from your Accounting Package.

  External Systems (Xero / QBO)

Option 5 - Refresh the Accounting Package

Check that the data in your Accounting Package is up to date.