Release Date: 24th May, 2018

Hot Fix Release v4.5.3.1

  • No customer facing issues

Release Date - 7th May 2018

Feature Release - Two Factor Authentication

Those with Wise-Pay or on the Ninja-Sync plan can contact us to take advantage of Two Factor Authentication(2FA)!

Once activated, you can control whether 2FA is required or optional for all your account's users at Account > Options.

  • If 2FA is required for all users, users will be prompted to setup 2FA for their user profile the next time they login to Wise-Sync/Wise-Pay.
  • If 2FA is optional for all users, users will be able to enable 2FA from their user settings.

Two Factor Authentication for Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay requires Google Authenticator. See the app store for your device to download the Google Authenticator app.

Other Updates

  • WP-506 - Support for ConnectWise v2018.4
  • WS-184 - Some Expenses Fail To Sync Due To Invalid Timezone Conversion
  • WS-190 - If a Purchase Order Credit had a negative value, Xero created a duplicate Tax Adjustment
  • WS-193 - Non-Reimbursable Expenses posting as RE rather than as NRE