How do I setup Auto-Payments without Credit Card Surcharges

Wise-Pay allows you to setup Auto-Payments without Credit Card Surcharges, you can do this if:
  • If you take Bank payments (DDR's) and want to offer this method without any additional fees
  • If you don't want to charge surcharges (and you will wear the costs)

Configure Auto-Payments without Surcharges:


You will need to make sure your ConnectWise setup has a Billing Term for No Surcharge, if it doesn't you will need to create one.
Example: Wise-Pay (Due Upon Receipt - No Surcharge)


1. Go to Configure
2. Click Auto-Payments
3. Click edit
4. Click '+ Add Billing Term' > enter details
5. Click Save
6. Go back and edit the Billing Term > you will now see a surcharge tab > enter details
7. Click Save

You will then need to ensure the customer/s are allocated that Billing Terms.

Example: Due on Receipt of Invoice - No CC Surcharge