Wise-Pay provides the ability for Payers - your clients to have a Wise-Pay account.  This will enable each customer a secure management portal to manage their credit card and bank accounts, and invoices in a secure way.

How do I get there?

To configure your configure your Payer Admin page, click Payer Admin from the top Menu.

What do I do?

Check out the settings below and what you need to do with them. 

Adding a Payer

For more information about adding a payer in Wise-Pay, see Add a Payer

There are two types of access options for users that need access to make payment. By default Wise-Pay can accept payments for your invoices without the need to add any users. User accounts are only required if you wish to save payment methods, or to allow users to access advanced features:

  • Un-Authenticated - Guest User
    • Direct Access through Payment Services, a user account is not required to simply accept a payment from one of the payment following services:
      • Quosal Order Porter (where no Recurring Payment Type is selected on the quote)
      • Xero Payment Services (Pay Now Button)
      • ConnectWise Portal Access (Pay Now Button)
      • ConnectWise Invoice Templates (HTML Button)

  • Authenticated User - Wise-Payer
    • Added through your Wise-Pay admin console, provides users with the ability to:
      • Save Credit Card & Bank Accounts
      • Make Payment using a Saved Credit Card
      • Add / Change payment methods.
      • View Past Payments
      • Schedule / Cancel Future Dated Payment
      • Download Invoice (PDF)
      • Can be setup for Automatic Payments (more on Automatic Payments here)
Welcome E-mail
Once you have added a Payer to Wise-Pay, Wise-Pay will automatically email your customer an invitation to set their user password, and provide further information such as name and contact information configured at Branding. 


The Terms & Privacy on the bottom of the email are Wise-Pay Terms & Privacy as the Payer is agreeing to become a Wise-Payer, so they need to be aware of our Terms and Privacy.For more information about Creating Wise-Pay Branding, see Branding

Credit Card and Bank Accounts
Wise-Pay enables Payers to update their credit card and bank account details, alternatively, you can update their details. For more information,see Credit Cards & Bank Accounts :
Automatic Payments
Automatic Payment scheduling provides the flexibility of automating and debiting the saved client's bank account or credit card for an invoice amount that varies each month. This functionality is perfect for MSA invoices which can often change based on the number of users, devices or elements managed under the agreement.For more information, see What are Automatic Payments?