How to create a refund where a fee needs to be refunded to a client.

In the below two scenario's, a customer has paid the surcharge fee / online processing fee which you need to refund.


  1. I created an invoice and accidentally charged a surcharge (online processing fee)
  2. A customer is refusing to pay the surcharge (online processing fee)

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Log into IntegraPay and refund the surcharge amount (or manually process an eft payment)
  2. Log into QuickBooks Online and create a Credit Note
  3. apply the Credit Note to the Wise-Pay Clearing Account, so that the refund balances the account.

Additional Resources:

Applying a Credit Memo, Credit, or Refund a Customer.  

1. Select the Plus icon (+) at the top > Refund Receipt (If you don't see that, click Show More.)
2. Complete the fields as follows:
Customer: From the drop-down list select the customer the refund is for
Date: Change if necessary
Amount, Payment Method & Ref: fields are to be left blank
Memo: Optional
Deposit To: Leave blank since money isn't actually being deposited with this transaction.
3. On the left under Credits > click on the plus sign (+) next to Total Credits (this will allow you to view more details about the credits)
4. Make sure the Credit or Unapplied Payment you want the check/cheque or cash entry linked to is checked and ensure that the amount is correct (check the boxes next to the refund or the customer credit)
5. Click Save.