Wise-Pay > Version Release Notes: v1.5.1

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Hotfix Release v1.5.1.12

  • #WP-349: If the Merchant Setting Draft Invoice Approval is set to ApproveWhenProcessed, draft Payments were not scheduled when processing Auto-Payments, resulting in an error.

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.11

  • #WP-453: Introduction of Wise-Pay and Wise-Sync Help and Widget Links. Find solutions and log support tickets in-app.

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.10

  • #WP-435: GBP was added as a Base Currency in Merchant Configuration

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.9

Issue Fixed:    

  • #WP-427: Database Tuning
  • #WP-428: Performance in Caching Service
  • #WP-409: Performance in Event Notifications

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.8

  • #WP-420: The notification email for a successful payment transaction shows "Unknown" instead of a transaction link.  

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.7

No customer-facing issues.  

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.6

Issue Fixed:  
  • #WP-404: Billing creation fails due to an unhandled exception during sign-up
  • #WP-406: Wrong connection type used to connect to Xero, disrupting the sign-up flow
  • #WP-408: Save and Edit Payer raises the "There is already an open data reader" error.

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.5

Issue Fixed:  
  • #WP-385: Authorization error causing a redirect leading to unhandled errors.
  • #WP-386: Broken Wise-Pay Home link.

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.4

Issue Fixed:  
  • #WP-381: Subscription events do not trigger when the Subscriber Type is Company Admin.

Hotfix Release v1.5.1.1

Issues Fixed:

  • #WP-355: An internal error caused login failure for all users
  • #WP-369: Error while activating Braintree subscription
  • #WP-367: Internal error when Retry button is clicked on the Fix Unprocessed Payments.

Release date: 23rd January 2018  

New Feature

Multi-Connection Support

Wise-Pay now utilizes enhanced connectivity between Wise-Pay and the accounting packages. Wise-Pay now uses additional connections to interact with accounting packages. For more details, see this KB article.

Add Signatures in Terms and Disclaimers
You can enforce payers to add a freehand signature while accepting terms and disclaimers while making payments with Wise-Pay. A new option (A signature will be required when accepting these terms.has been provided in the Edit Terms and Disclaimers page, to enforce a signature.

Issues Fixed:

  • #WP-88:  A previously scheduled payment is not canceled when a $0.00 invoice is synced as an update
  • #WP-122: Improved support for importing payers into Wise-Pay 
  • #WP-213: Improvements to retry the failed auto-payment transactions
  • #WP-234: Auto payment icon missing for transactions in the Auto-Payments tab
  • #WP-229: Unhandled exception causing rescheduling of bank payment
  • #WP-304: The scheduled automatic bank payment doesn’t get canceled when the user tries to pay it manually.
  • #WP-271: Ability to create and subscribe to the Upcoming Payment event (important feature)
  • #WP-272: Ability to create and subscribe to the Overdue Payment event 
  • #WP-281: Transaction record mismatch between the Scheduled Payments and Automatic Payments pod, when an automatic bank transaction is canceled and automatically rescheduled.
  • #WP-287: Support to accommodate extra trailing space(s) in the Company name while making payments through virtual terminal
  • #Wp-291: Direct Debit is not canceled when a payment is applied against a scheduled automatic payment
  • #WP-309: Improvements in rescheduling payments after collecting data from the accounting system.