IntegraPay Merchant Settings

  1. Log into IntegraPay (

  2. Click on Business Details
  3. Click View Details

Wise-Pay: Merchant Account Configuration

  1. Log into Wise-Pay
  2. Click Configure
  3. Select Merchant
  4. Click Edit
  5. Merchant Account Type: IntegraPay Payment Gateway
  6. Bank Account for Payments: select the bank account you wish to allocate payments to, when received through Wise-Pay
    Note Only bank accounts with Account Codes or Xero accounts with enable payments will be displayed in the drop-down
  7. Bank Accounts for Prepayments: select a bank account for prepayments (this must be a bank account)
  8. Revenue Account for Prepayments: select a Revenue Account for Prepayments received through Wise-Pay
    Note: Only Revenue Accounts or Xero Accounts with payments enabled will be displayed in the drop-down
  9. Overpayment Tax Code: Select the Tax Code to be used for any overpayments
  10. (Optional) Enable AVS: this will save the address details when creating or updating Payers Credit Card details
  11. Maximum Credit Card Transaction Amount: this is the highest value you are able to process

  12. Tick: Approve when paid
    When enabled, draft invoices will automatically be approved when applying a payment
  13. Tick: Allow payment when scheduled
    When enabled, real-time payments will automatically cancel existing scheduled payments
  14. Tick: Check Scheduled Payments
    Check your accounting platform for changes to invoices that are scheduled for payment.  Cancels existing scheduled transactions up to 18hrs prior to scheduled date if payment is already made or invoice is void.  If an amount is still owing, the system will resubmit the scheduled transaction for the remaining amount.
  15. Tick: Append Company Name
    Enable this to include payer's company names in the payment gateway console
  16. Locale: Select your locale

  17. Base Currency: this is automatically selected from your Accounting Package
  18. Invoice Source: Select your invoice source
    Choose which system to generate PDF files from when users download an invoice
  19. ConnectWise User: select the ConnectWise credentials that will be used to automatically mark payments in ConnectWise
  20. (Optional) All DDR: select 'Allow DDR' to enable the option to accept bank debit payments.  This option is only available for merchant providers accepting bank debits in your region.
    Please contact us if you are not sure whether your provider allows bank debits.
  21. (Optional) Maximum DDR Transaction Amount: if you are using DDR you will need to enter your limit for processing DDR transactions
  22. (Optional) DDR Merchant Service Type: IntegraPay Payment Gateway

Update Wise-Pay with your IntegraPay API Keys

  1. Select the API Key tab
  2. Enter your IntegraPay user name
  3. Enter your API Password
  4. Tick: Is Production Account
    Note: When an account is not set to "Production" only test transactions will be preformed, no actual transactions will be processed.

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