Applies to: ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask PSA and Quickbooks Online

A batch payment 'Overpayment' will go through the following steps when created:

    1. Create an invoice for payment (liability debit to take up the liability and allow for payment via Wise-Pay clearing account)
    2. Create a credit note (liability credit from prepayment account to credit note)
    3. Apply credit note (to future invoices)
    4. User-initiated: Sync payment to apply the payment to ConnectWise invoice (applied liability from credit note to invoice - revenue)


A credit note created by Wise-Pay for the purpose of Overpayments created by Wise-Pay will sync back to ConnectWise as part of the Payment sync.  You will not need to create any further transactions in ConnectWise.  Wise-Pay created Overpayments will also sync as payments to ConnectWise as is the case for pre-payments created directly in the accounting system. Only credit notes that are created through the Wise-Pay overpayment processes will sync via this method.  Credits created as part of a normal credit memo in ConnectWise or a Credit Note in QBO will not sync as these need to be applied per existing process.