Syncing to schedule auto-payments

Prior to scheduling Auto-Payments, ensure you have:
  1. Red the Auto-Payments Overview
  2. Added Terms & Disclaimers
  3. Configured Auto-Payment settings & billing terms
  4. Created & configured Wise-Pay Clearing Account
  5. Added Wise-Pay Payers, with a bank account or credit card saved on file and auto-pay terms applied

Completing the invoice

  1. Log into ConnectWise
  2. Go to Finance > Invoicing > Create Invoices
  3. Update invoices with any required changes or additions
  4. Check invoices are using the correct billing terms that has been configured in Wise-Pay
  5. Ensure the invoice date is set to allow the due date to work with the appropriate billing term
  6. Manually or batch send invoice(s) to client(s) and check the invoice billing status is closed and ready to sync

Sync the Invoices

Check you have extended the Sync ConnectWise Invoice Through date to allow for post dated invoices

When invoices have:
  • No errors
  • A matching Wise-Pay user for that company, with Auto-Payments configured, AND
  • That Wise-Payer has been associated with the same Billing Terms as the invoice

Invoice # matched Billing Terms and has been scheduled for auto-payment processing

You and your Payers can use the Wise-Paye Portal to view scheduled payments

The Wise-Pay dashboard, in the top right hand corner shows Scheduled Payments.  Your custoemrs will only see their own Scheduled Payments, and you will see all of the upcoming Scheduled Payments for all of your customers.

Clicking on the drop down arrow will show options for Scheduled Payments:
  • Check Request: provides an update on the status eg. scheduled transaction is still waiting to be processed.
  • Cancel Payment: can be cancleed by you or the customer pending on a query over a billed product or cost.
  • Download PDF: your customers can now always get copies of invoices themselves

At the bottom of that screen under Auto-Payments you will now see the record showing that the invoice has been created using auto-payment.

Hovering over the ''i'' will summarise the Scheduled Payment Details

Issues with Invoices

Invoices will on occasion be queried and require amendments, and Wise-Sync uses single record batching to make it easy to change invoices as required.  When you re-sync an amended invoice, Wise-Pay will also recognise that a change has been made to an invoice, and update amounts and dates for Auto-Payments.

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