You may have to refund a payment when the payer requests to cancel the payment and wants to pay through another payment method.

The following diagram describes the steps involved in issuing a refund and correcting accounts:

Here's how to do it:

Process a refund of the amount to the payer either through IntegraPay or a bank transfer 

Use your payment processor account such as IntegraPay to complete this step. Follow these steps to process a refund through the IntegraPay console:

  1.  Log in to IntegraPay.

  2.  Search the transaction and click Refund to refund an amount for that transaction.

  3.  On the Refund Transaction screen, click Partial Refund, and specify the amount to refund.
    Note: Ensure that you have deducted the surcharges paid while processing the incorrect invoice.

  4.  Enter your email in the Email Receipt To text area and click Refund Transaction to refund the amount.
    IntegraPay automatically adjusts the next invoice with the refunded amount.

Remove the payment from Xero and sync invoices 

It is a recommended practice to remove payment from the invoice in Xero and reapply to keep the records updated. When you sync payments using Wise-Pay, the payment is adjusted to 0 for this invoice in ConnectWise. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Xero and search the incorrect invoice for which a refund is required.

  2.  Click the Payment link on the invoice to see the Transaction: Payment page.

  3.  Select Options > Remove & Redo to remove the payment from the invoice.
    This should remove the payment, and you should see the appropriate success message.

  4.  Log in to Wise-Sync and sync payments to change the payment of the invoice to 0. If you don’t sync payments, the payment for the invoice will still be unchanged.